about XiAO

Xiao Lyu is a visual artist based in New York City. 
He finds joy in the dynamic interplay of different artistic disciplines and works with a broad spectrum of skills encompassing illustration, photography, gaming art, and graphic and concept design.
Xiao has a tapestry of professional experiences, ranging from the co-founding of AIRO Graphic Studio to serving as an art director in the P2P design department of a jewelry company.
As a current MFA candidate in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Xiao continues to expand his artistic horizons, drawing from his formative years at the China Academy of Art, where he earned his BFA in Art and Design with distinction. He is now focused on creating illustrated work that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, speaks to the universal human experience, and merges disparate artistic traditions and influences.

Select clients: P&G - Oral-B, Febreze, Alibaba, MTomorrow, Wanglaoji, Perfect World, etc.
contact:  xiaolyuart@gmail.com