Frame Animations​​​​​​​
"XiAO!" | emo vege series | cracker
Ocean Heart
illo+40s animation

hope you can find peace, 
gain what you deserve,
stay who you are 
with your pure mindset,
in this world full of chaos.
Slash - Portrait
Muybridge Style Motion
a little practice paid tribute to Muybridge
Your Brain Has Tricked You
"Perhaps no political promise is more potent or universal than the vow to restore a golden age... 
What these political myths have in common is an understanding that the golden age is definitely not right now."
 'Your Brain Has Tricked You Into Thinking Everything Is Worse' By Adam Mastroianni
Symbiosis - KV - 2022
till the day nature goes into your veins, replaces your blood, and symbiosis with you.​​​​​​​
Shattered Space
An experimental landscape animation.
Wakey Wakey
my 1st time tried stop motion
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